1st Avenue Reconstruction

1st Avenue Reconstruction
Phases 1-3

Project Updates

Update Date: 04/10/2024

Phase 3 is underway. The majority of this phase is complete. Remaining work includes some street patching on side streets, adding a median south of 8th Street, some storm sewer work, and adding a parking lot and sidewalks to the Old Town area. Site clean-up and restoration will follow.

Current Work
- Storm sewer work on 7th St SE and at the corner of 2nd St SE & 1st Ave S.
- Street patches will follow the storm sewer work at both locations.
- Sidewalks along 1st Ave S from 4th St SE to 2nd St SE.

Upcoming Work:
- Installation of parking stalls at Townsend Park off of the alley.

Completed Work:
- Median installed on 1st Ave S, south of 8th St. The left turn lane has been reopened to traffic.

Traffic Impact
- Storm sewer work and sidewalk work is being completed under lane closures, as needed.
- 7th St SE is closed to through traffic approximately 175 feet east of 1st Ave S for the storm sewer work and street patch.

Project Update Notifications
Due to the number of residences and businesses this project may affect, the City’s engineering department will be pushing out regular updates via email on the progress of the project. If you would like to be added to the email list for these project updates, please send an email to dtaylor@altoona-iowa.com requesting to be added to the First Avenue Project email list. You can expect updates on the project schedule and other useful information every week or two once the project gets started.

Project Overview

This project includes the full-depth reconstruction and widening of 1st Ave N from 8th St SE to 9th St NE and the installation of a roundabout at the 9th St NE intersection. It will also include improvements to public utilities and the installation of trail and sidewalk. This project will be completed in three phases spanning multiple years.

Phase 1: 1st Ave N from 2nd St SE to 2nd St NW.
Phase 2: 1st Ave N from 2nd St NW to 9th St NW.
Phase 3: 1st Ave N from 8th St SE to 2nd St SE.

1st Ave Reconstruction Strip Map

The goal is to widen 1st Avenue from 8th St SE to 9th St NE to match the wider 4-lane sections of first avenue to the north of 9th St NE and to the south of 8th St SE. This section of 1st Avenue is approximately one mile in length and stretches through some of Altoona’s oldest neighborhoods. This project was broken up into three separate phases.

  • Phase one was constructed in 2019 and included the reconstruction of 1st Ave from 2nd St SW to 2nd St NW, including the railroad crossing improvements.
  • Phase two began construction in the spring of 2021 and was slated to take two years to complete. It includes the reconstruction of 1st Ave from 2nd St NW to 9th St NW, including the installation of a multi-lane roundabout at the 9th St NW intersection.
  • Phase three will be constructed in 2023, if utility relocations are on schedule, and will include the reconstruction of 1st Avenue from 8th St SE to 2nd St SE.

During all three phases, improvements to the aging water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems will be made as well.

Phase 1 is complete.
Phase 2 is complete.
Phase 3 is underway.



Expected Traffic Impacts

Road Closures
Sections of 1st Avenue N will be closed to traffic under each phase of this project. Closures will also affect intersections within the project limits.

Detour Routes
The detour route is 5th Ave SW.

Lane Closures
Lane closures are likely to occur after 1st Avenue is reopened to traffic in order to complete minor work along the shoulders such as grading, trail, and sidewalks.

Sidewalk & Trail Closures
The sidewalks along 1st Avenue N within the current road closure will be closed for safety reasons. Sidewalk at side streets will be closed at 1st Avenue as well.

Public Information & Notifications

Public Information Meetings
If you would like to receive regular project updates via email, please contact Dakota Taylor at dtaylor@altoona-iowa.com to be added to the list.