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Current Projects
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Stages of a Project
The Engineering Department manages all City infrastructure projects. A single construction project involves several steps, which can occur over a period of several years.


Construction projects are never undertaken on a whim. All projects start because there is a clear need that requires resolution.


Before a project can even begin, the City Council must approve a project budget. The budget can span multiple years, as there are many steps that require funding.


Sometimes third-party studies are used to learn more about the scope of the existing issue and propose potential solutions to meet the project goals.


The project is carefully thought out and designed on paper before any physical construction begins.


Often, new construction requires the relocation of existing utilities. The City must coordinate with private utility companies to coordinate relocations.


The City receives bids from different companies for the construction work and awards the project to the lowest bidder.


The project is physically constructed. For larger projects, this may take multiple construction seasons.


Construction often requires digging and/or driving heavy machinery around the project site. The last step in any project is to restore the surrounding landscaping.