Resident alert: Issue at Water Plant 2 causing red-hued water for some residents and businesses

Altoona residents and visitors, the city is aware of an issue impacting the softener at Water Plant 2 on Adventureland Drive. Repairs are already underway, and the city is flushing the water distribution system. Because of this issue, a small amount of food-grade, red pellets were released from the city’s water system and may be in residential water filters. This is causing a red hue at some homes and businesses, especially near the entertainment and business corridor surrounding Adventureland Park.

While we flush the system, we ask residents who have water filters at their home to check their filters for these small red pellets and discard them. Residents are also encouraged to run the water at their home to help flush the system, especially if they notice a red hue. Please note that even with this issue, Altoona’s water remains safe to use and consume.