Footing Drain Program

The Problem
In homes built before 1975, foundation footing tiles were often connected into the sanitary sewer line in the basement. When it rained, clean storm water was being directed into the sanitary sewers, where it mixed with dirty sanitary sewer water, becoming contaminated. This increased the total volume of sanitary sewer water, decreasing the capacity of the sanitary sewer pipes, and increasing expensive sewage treatment costs.

Footing Drain Disconnection Program
The goal of the Footing Drain Disconnection Program is to separate the clean groundwater from the wastewater. To do this, groundwater from the footing tile needs to be routed to a sump pump and pumped out to the storm sewer system. The wastewater from the toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, etc. will continue to flow into the sanitary sewer system to be treated at the wastewater treatment plant.

For more information on the Footing Drain Disconnection Program, see Chapter 101 of the Altoona City Code.

Financial Assistance Grant
To offset the cost of the homeowners disconnecting the footing tiles from the sanitary sewer, routing the tile to a sump pump and connecting the sump pump discharge to the storm sewer, the City of Altoona is offering grant funds.   To be eligible for the grant funds, the homeowner must first complete the Footing Drain Disconnection Program Grant Application and submit it to the City of Altoona. 

After the City receives the application, a utility staff person will contact the homeowner and schedule a pre-inspection to ensure the property is eligible for the grant funds.

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