Permits & Licenses

The Engineering Department is responsible for a variety of permits & licenses. Below are descriptions of each permits/license and how to apply. Fees for each permit / license are outlined here:

Engineering Schedule of Fees

Permits & Licenses
ROW Design Permits

ROW Design Permits are completely optional. They can be used by utility companies to establish a City-approved route in advance of bidding construction work out to contractors.  Approving the project design in advance of hiring a contractor can help avoid delaying construction due to a route issue.

Permit Requirements:

  • Permit application page
  • Map of proposed route (include property lines and Public Utility Easements)

ROW Design Permit Application

Note: Approved design permits do NOT give permission for any construction work.

ROW Construction Permits

Construction permits are REQUIRED prior to any construction in the ROW.

If a construction permit is submitted with the same route as an approved design permit, and the contractor has the proper liability and bond on file, the construction permit will be approved immediately.

If a construction permit is submitted without having had its route pre-approved, the route will be reviewed first, and then the permit approved. If there are suggested changes to the route, they must be corrected prior to the permit being approved.

Permit Requirements

  • Permit application page (must include contractor’s contact information)
  • Map of proposed route (include property lines and Public Utility Easements)
  • Contractor Certificate of Liability ($1,000,000 - City named additional insured)
  • Contractor Performance & Maintenance Bond ($25,000 –blanket bond for projects in Altoona ROW)
  • Permit Fee (required prior to beginning construction)


Performance & Maintenance Bond Template

ROW Construction Permit Application

ROW Licenses

All private utility providers who do not have a Franchise Agreement with the City of Altoona must acquire and maintain a ROW License in order to utilize Altoona Right-of-Way and Public Utility Easements.

Only one ROW License is required per utility provider. Existing ROW License holders can use License Addendums to include new/future construction to their existing ROW License.


ROW License Application

ROW License Addendum Application
Oversize/Overweight Permits

Altoona requires all oversize/overweight vehicles to obtain a permit prior to utilizing Altoona’s streets. Permits can be obtained on a single-use/round trip or annual basis.

Permit Requirements

  • Permit application
  • Certificate of Liability
  • Permit Fee


Approved Truck Route Map

Oversize/Overweight Permit Application

Small Wireless Facility Permits (Small Cell)

In accordance with the Iowa Cell Siting Act, the City of Altoona permits the siting and installation of small wireless facilities (small cells) for wireless telecommunication. The permitting process includes two steps, summarized below:

Step 1
Providers submit all required materials for City review. Route, location, and small cell design are discussed. Additionally, staff reviews related electric & fiber ROW Permits and ROW Licenses. Once all aspects of the project are settled, the final permit can be approved in Step 2.

Step 2
Providers submit a Building Permit, agree to the Conditions of Approval, and provide payment. The City approves the final permit.


Step 1 - Small Wireless Facility ROW Permit

Step 2 - Small Wireless Facility Building Permit

Flood Plain Permits

Altoona’s flood plain management is outlined in  Chapter 177 of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

A local Flood Plain Permit is required for construction work taking place on a property that touches the 100-year Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

The City Engineer is responsible for approving flood plain permits. You can download the PDF application below:

Flood Plain Permit